Hi, I'm Stuart Mudie.

I work with words - written, spoken and occasionally even sung - and I live in Paris, France.

I also lived in Spain for several years (in Barcelona, León and Pontevedra) and I grew up in Dundee, Scotland.

I do lots of different things.

The common thread that ties it all together is writing.

Technical writing

I earn a living explaining things about technology, and enjoy working to understand them myself first.

I currently work for Talend, a fast-growing company that makes open-source database management tools.

I also wrote a couple of books, including one for the Dummies series.

Visit my LinkedIn profile to find out more.


I speak fluent French and Spanish, and can get by in Catalan, Portuguese, Italian and German too.

I no longer translate professionally, but I do help some friends out from time to time.

Song writing

I write lyrics for several up-and-coming Paris bands, mostly in the alternative rock and folk genres.

From time to time, I also take part in spoken-word performances with some musician friends.

With one of these friends I recently formed a five-piece band and we have been playing some gigs around Paris.

I'd love to hear from you.


You can also find me at all these places.

Thanks for dropping by.